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May 15, 2013
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MNG: Arata Matrix by Moonkrispy MNG: Arata Matrix by Moonkrispy
A Group were I get to draw a shirtless dude for the app. I... Must... JOIN!!!!! QAQ/


★Name: Matrix, Arata (MaT-Trix It's not like the movie)

★Age: 18

★Height: 6'0"/ 182.88cm

★Weight: 200lbs/ 91kg

★Year: Senior

★Level: [EXPERT]

:bulletgreen: Swimming
:bulletgreen: Early Morning Runs
:bulletgreen: Sleeping in class
:bulletgreen: Bitter food
:bulletgreen: Super Soakers
:bulletgreen: Red Panda's
:bulletgreen: Floating
:bulletgreen: Bath houses (Fancy)
:bulletgreen: FISH
:bulletgreen: Horror movies, Sappy movies

:bulletred: Lazy swimmers
:bulletred: School
:bulletred: Super sweet foods
:bulletred: Little Kids (they make him nervous)
:bulletred: Hair cuts
:bulletred: Getting nipple flicked ( that shit is awkward)
:bulletred: Cold days
:bulletred: Getting caught watching sappy movies.
:bulletred: Getting Ill

Arata is a Bold strong minded guy who will take up any challenge and attempt to throw it back into the challengers face. Though it tends to back fire most of the time he take the words. "Welp, I tried." Over using it just making him determined to defeat them in the next challenge. But don't be fooled he has a silly side. In fact he carry's around a couple of super soakers at all times in the pool area. Squirting his teammates in the face if he doesn't approve of their actions. Its one of his odd ways of making them better. But he can be a bit Lazy at times himself..... Normally when he finds no interest in the subject.

Arata was born in the States, In fact he lived in the states till the age of 6 when he parents got a divorce and his mother took him with her back to Japan. Living in a small town at first He was always attracted to the water. Even at a early age crying when his mother would take him out of the Tub. He kind of lived as a fish focusing on swimming and swimming alone. So when he heard of a school with a high level Swim team how could he pass this up. Of course he enrolled If there is a way he can improve he will do about anything. And it wouldn't hurt him to meet others with similar goals. To Improve and make friends It seemed like a good reason to enroll in Mizu no Gakuen the elite swimming school.

As for his Childhood. Arata Lived like any other kid. He just so happened to have a single mother raising him. So yes... He is a mama's boy. He was lightly Bullied for being half American sharing his pops last name. But it was nothing to get emotional about Kids can be evil creatures of course. and he learned to live with it, Bettering himself from them.

★Additional Info:
:bulletblue: Sleeps during class. (This boy has mastered sleeping while sitting straight up)Mad Skill~
:bulletblue: If he gets nervous he stutters and fiddles his fingers, Itches his head roughly.
:bulletblue: Blunt. (He will tell you if he does not like you.)
:bulletblue: Hard for him to trust anyone.
:bulletblue: Freak out over supernatural things. BELIEVES IN GHOST DAMMIT!
:bulletblue: SUPER SUPER SUPER light weight.
:bulletblue: Hates small dogs. (They Yip.)
:bulletblue: bad Singer
:bulletblue: Not any better at dancing. (But he tries.)
:bulletblue: Can be Gullible.
:bulletblue: Only has his hair up while at the pool. In school it's forever in his face. Hides when he's snoozing.
:bulletblue: Drools on his desk
:bulletblue: He's not sure on his sexuality. Never had a Girlfriend or a Boyfriend... but he's not really interested in rushing into something. (In other words. They kind of scare him.)
:bulletblue: Half American and Half Japanese. His father was a military man who met his mother in Japan got married had a baby then Divorced due to differences.

RP Methods: Skype, Notes, Comments.

Arata Matrix (c) :iconmoonkrispy:
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Norachi-chan Mar 10, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
I love his design and his history! :heart:
I also love the water guns X3
TY Hes my bby
Norachi-chan Mar 15, 2014  New member Student Digital Artist
No worries! ^^
myneea Dec 23, 2013  Student Digital Artist

Rune: :iconleeblushplz: *leavesachristmaspresentforAratahere*……

here it's already Christmas so... Merry Christmas // slapped
FFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF Awwwwwwww bby so cute.

Arata: Blushes madly and smiled at Rune. "Your... the best." He was almost tearing up.
myneea Dec 24, 2013  Student Digital Artist
I'm glad you like it QuQ
Maybe Rune hid some sappy love letter for Arata inside the present... //kicked

Rune: Really you like it? *hugs Arata and smiles happily* ...Merry Christmas Arata~<3
Prince-Jae Jul 30, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist

//attaches self to 


awww thank you hun.  haven't RPed with him much, Makes me sad.
sHelbKip Jun 27, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
LOL are those water guns? xD
 yes they are.
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